25 Simple Things to Give Up If You Want to Succeed

A good way to invite pleasant things into your life is to make room for them. Here are some good places to start making your success achievable:

  1. Trying to be perfect
  2. Playing small
  3. Faking it
  4. Waiting for luck
  5. Waiting for anything
  6. Needing approval
  7. Trying to do it alone
  8. Making empty promises
  9. Fixating on your weaknesses
  10. Blaming others
  11. Overlooking your negative thoughts
  12. Living in the past
  13. Trying to please everyone
  14. Small goals
  15. Holding on to grudges
  16. Avoiding change
  17. Trying to never make a mistake
  18. Saying “I can’t.”
  19. Minimizing yourself
  20. Gossiping
  21. Staying down
  22. Complaining
  23. Spending time with negative people
  24. Comparing yourself with others
  25. Thinking you can’t make a difference

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