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Success Involves More Than a Heart-pounding Race to the Finish Line

Success involves more than a heart-pounding race to the finish line. Our research uncovered four irreducible components of enduring success: happiness (feelings of pleasure or contentment about your life); achievement (accomplishments that compare favorably against similar goals others have strived for); significance (the sense that you’ve made a positive impact on people you care about); and legacy (a way to establish your values or accomplishments so as to help others find future success).

—Laura Nash, Howard Stevenson

10 Things Successful People Do to Become Experts

Become the expert: Connect, engage, and assist as many people as you can – that is how your influence will grow.

  1. Identify your skill
  2. Find your voice
  3. Maintain your credibility
  4. Network generously
  5. Speak up everywhere you go
  6. Develop a blog
  7. Become the source
  8. Produce something
  9. Make use of social networking
  10. Help others along the way

Make every connection meaningful and every encounter significant. Before you know it,  people will be seing you as the winner, and asking for your experience because they trust you.